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Say "Goodbye or Hello" again, to your deceased loved-ones.

Joycelle facilitates heartfelt reunions with accurate mediumship and offers insightful psychic readings to guide you on your journey. With 18,966 successful readings worldwide in the past four years, trust you're in capable hands.

a hand reaching out to the heavens to connect with the spirit world


​Bridging realms allows you to say "Goodbye" to departed loved ones. Messages provide solace, affirming an afterlife. Our loved ones never leave us. Mediumship fosters hope, resolution, and spiritual awakening, soothing grief's despair after loss.


Consulting the wisdom of 78 Tarot cards brings instant clarity, invaluable insight into life's challenges. Each card holds ancient messages from its imagery, guiding your spiritual journey with over 35 years of Joycelle's experience illuminating your path.

Collage of Tarot cards for a Tarot reading
Collect of Joycelle's Aura-Soma Equilbirum bottles


Your life is a collection of senses which desire to be gently and effortlessly fulfilled to discover a wondrous sense of balance. You are the colours you choose! Aura-Soma® is the only healing modality which supports you to understand yourself at a profound level. PICK 4 Bottles from over 121 of unique bottles!


Who doesn't like something for nothing or to test the waters first?

Browse the FREE READINGS page to see if there is a topic that interests you, then follow the directions if need be.

 Please join: Psychic Medium Joycelle Facebook page to find a fun community of like minds and free daily and weekly readings!

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Watch this space!!!!!

Please join us now to learn:

  •  All things psychic.

  • Monthly get-togethers with other fabulous, accurate psychics.

  • Learn how to read Tarot cards from an expert.

  • Become an Aura-Soma® Practitioner.

Unique rose where petals are made of various colours. Let Joycelle guide you on your journey
Let Joycelle guide you on your journey.
Deborah website profile photo giving tesitmonail for Joycelle

Deborah, Wellington

Fabulous! Joycelle, accurately predicted the outcome to my issue and then helped me to make better choices for me. I connect well with her and now feel more relaxed and confident!

Colin Toop dear  man friend to Joycelle

Colin Toop

Monet painted the Light.

You bring the light to many.

Sincere thanks for the new directions you have given me.

With love and appreciation

Client providing a testimonial for Joycelle

Lisa,  Auckland

Joycelle blew me away from our first reading over 20 years ago, things she predicated happened and I found her completely on the money. I also used Aura-Soma bottles from her ... wow!

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