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Attracting a soulmate.

I ordain my true soulmate by divine selection. I look forward to my marriage which was made in HEAVEN to now manifest on earth under grace.



I deny all loss, what is mine is mine by divine right and now returns to me under grace.

I ordain my higher-self to find what I lost right now under grace!

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Despair / Destitute

In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast these heavy burdens to the Christ within and I know go free under GRACE!

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Job career

I give thanks for the right job/career by divine selection. 

I have a wonderful job!

In a wonderful way,

I give wonderful service for 

wonderful pay!

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House sale

I give thanks for the right purchaser giving the right prices making for perfect satisfaction under grace.

Purchase Aura-Soma green pomander or air conditioner and spritz around the house before inspections or open homes. Message Joycelle to learn more!

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Psychic ability and inner-tuition!

I trust my inner vision and inner voice as I am always connected with universal wisdom and truth.

What I need to know is always within reach.

I give thanks for my hunches, guidance and never-failing sense of insight and inspiration.

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