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 woman sitting on a park bench looking at view in contemplation, missing your deceassed family

Life is about the human connections we make on earth and beyond. Loss and grief are a huge part of the experience and something we will all encounter.

As an astute Medium Joycelle relishes connecting with your departed loved-ones as she sees the peace of mind it can give you as you process acceptance of loss and when given the opportunity to say "Goodbye" and "Hello" again can prove to be that little ray of sunshine in your ocean of grief. Readings are offered in 30- minute or 60-minute appointments.

Mediumship is simply when a person pierces the veil to connect with someone that has die, thus proving life after life.

  1. Joycelle sees her role as a Medium is to simply act as the (telephone) a conduit between the physical world and the spirit world, relaying messages from deceased individuals to you as they are received and without her interpretations added. Messages must also include topics, or information that only the departed loved-one and you would know.

  2. Joycelle will seek validation and identity for you in way of specific details or evidence about the deceased person's identity, such as names, dates, personality traits, or memories, to validate the connection.

  3.  Joycelle will demand messages from spirit that contain personal information, advice, or validations of past events that are meaningful and relevant to the recipient.

  4. Joycelle has the highest respect for Mediumship skills and approaches her work with reverence and honourable acknowledgement for the spirits and the recipients of messages always maintaining ethical conduct to prioritize the well-being of all parties.

There are many Mediums who claim they are chatting to your departed loved-ones, if that is so ask for proof otherwise, they are just giving you nice fluffy feel-good imaginations.

Some Mediums also believe you can’t connect with who you want to as it will be just whoever turns up or comes through. This is old age practise and speaks more about the fear and lack of experience from the Medium. Think about it you have a link with the person in spirit they will know you are wanting to connect and the Medium needs to get over himself and just act like a telephone and become the medium.

The hardest thing in life is not talking to someone, you used to talk to everyday.
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