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house for sale image of a person signing  sale agreement to puchase their home

Help Me Sell My House

Selling a house doesn’t have to be stressful. Typically, we sell for the 4 D’s. Downsizing, divorce, death and da -bank!

Other than finding a successful real estate that you like and trust to do the job for you there are 3 other simple things you can do to bring that sale along in the quickest possible time.

  • Declutter to change the energy and start packing. People don’t need to see all your personal belongings when they inspect your home. This shift in energy also sends a strong message to the universe, that you are digging my ditches and making plans for the next step in action.

  • An affirmation, changing your mental vibrations to manifests you desires really works. “I give thanks for the right purchaser giving the right price under grace making for perfect satisfaction.”

  • Aura-Soma® Green Air Conditioner. This product spritzed around the home prior to viewings helps the owners and residents release an emotional connection to the house whilst the colour also helps the new owners see and FEEL an emotional connection to the house to the point that they can see if to be their new home!

small 20ml bottle of Aura-Soma green Air Conditioner
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