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Cleansing & Blessing Your Home

hand drawn diagram of a house on a section typical of most house layout.
Arch Angel Michae pump room spray
Aura-Soma pump white air conditoner room sprays
 ura Soma  pump green air conditioner 100mls
Aura Soma white pomander pump air conditioner room spray 20mls

From time to time, you may wish to cleanse or bless your house, property, workspace or environment that you spend time in. Many people do this for various reasons, buying a new space and wanting to make it their own, ridding the space of previous energy or other people’s energy.

Some people think burning sage will help remove heavy, strong metaphysical presences. Sage blessings are simply putting a nice smell about the room and the only thing you are changing is the scent about that space.

Priests or even other psychic healers/ practitioners may walk around the property flicking holy water and asking unwanted entities to banish from the home. An unwanted tenant may respond to that request however chances are they will return when you aren’t looking because you have just asked them nicely; you haven’t encompassed them into a new energy or sent them back to the bowels they came from. (These are dark spirits, unwanted entities or poltergeist I am referring to here) I would also recommend Aura-Soma products to use in your auric field such as bottle 89.

I work with the help of higher realms and the use of proven colour therapy and Angelic support of Arch Angel Michael

1. I mist Arch Angel Michael above my head to let if fall down my auric field. I then mist again over my shoulders to protect my back. Lastly, I mist over and under my feet which protects me at an earthly level and all those people and family connected to me so that any negative entity won’t latch onto them or into my personal space such as it traveling to my home.

2. I then walk the perimeter of the property outside starting from the main entrance in an anti-clockwise fashion (see diagram 1-2-3-4-5 until you get to front doorway) and mist Arch Angel Michael into the closest far-reaching corner. (One big mist is enough and I feel the energy coming from this essence)

3. Now at the doorway I spritz a lot of loving energy of Arch Angel Michael and do a love and blessing pray such as I call upon almighty great healer and protector of Arch Angel Michael to keep all those in this home safe, well and free from unwanted entities. I ask this archangel to now encompass the divine energy and take away any entity that is not welcome or of divine existence.

4. I now go about that house room to room in an anti-clockwise way spritzing Arch Angel Michael into those spaces and feeling the energy transform. You will know when it right to leave the room and when one or two pumps of product is needed.

5. Back at the doorway from completing every room in the house, I now take the Green Air-conditioner and go about blessing the home by each room in a clockwise position and a spritz of Aura-Soma® Green Air Conditioner for space, love and to empower the energy for its residences.


6. Sometimes a room may still feel dark or needs more -light then I would also add one or two spritzes of the Aura-Soma® Yellow Air-Conditioner to that room.

7. You can now open windows bring in fresh flowers and trust your inner-tuition on how the energy feels in a particular room or the entire home. People will feel safe, content and happy in a cleansed property and will more than likely say have you done something to this room, have you painted or redecorated.

8. There are no rules how often you could cleanse and bless your home. Your inner voice is your guide. If you feel an area makes you twitch or is dark, smelly or you or your animals don’t want to go in there, it might be the right time to try a higher vibration blessing.

The products I use are:

Arch Angel Michael for love and protection.

Green Air- Conditioner for space for self and others.

Yellow Air- Conditioner to bring some light in.

White Air- Conditioner for harsh unwanted smells or fog.




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