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Feng Shui Tips

sun and sea

Feng Shui is the ancient art of good positive energy (chic) in and around the home or work or any environment which can be feng shui-ed. How in depth you go will be up to you. Below are a few tips I instantly suggest being mindful of or change up and notice how that space feels after the change.

Door way entrance to a house of presence and inviting CHI

Front Door / main entrance

The front door is the gateway for all positive energy (chi) and people to come through your home. Let it be inviting and clutter free, especially of shoes and bags which people tend to dump outside or just inside. Fix any broken windowpanes or cracks and a lick of paint to the door can bring about a refreshing new energy. Two jade plants either side of entrance is said to bring prosperity. Where possible the front door should always face the road and be easily found by a visitor


A well lite bedroom with nice neutral decor and amibience

Your bedroom should invoke feelings of peace love and harmony with as much natural light as possible. It is not the place to have your office or hobby area, it's for rest. Avoid pictures or paintings with water scenes or photographs or people. Avoid mirrors that look over the bed and avoid hanging art or anything above your head. It's ideal to be able to see your door or who is entering the door from your position of sleep. Think about clutter at the side tables and avoid taking or watching technology from your bed or at sleep time. Blue light from computers and phones is what effects our natural ability to have quality sleep. Avoid the colour red or shades of red as it encourages activity and aggression. If you share the room allow for equal space and decor that suits both parties.

white spacious bathroom showing to be functional and inviting decor and feelings of lux


Whether it is a main bathroom or ensuite this should be areas where you feel you can pamper and attend to your personal needs. Allow it to be as luxurious as you can afford and within your space. Avoid the colour blue on walls, fixtures, artwork or towels as it relates to water or money going down the drain. Keep the drains clean and free from hair or waste. Keep the toilet seat down when not in use and the door always closed. Treat yourself to bath products or smells you enjoy and where possible have good lightening and big mirror and a pot plant offers life and vitality to this room.


Cash is KING whether you are saving it using it or giving it away this is because cash is your power to do with as you need to as a consumer and not to be dictated to by authority or governance. Every time you use money to purchase something bring it up to your face acknowledge the colour the images and give thanks for the power you have in your hands you have either earnt it or are blessed with money! Imagine your wallets crammed full in abundance of notes of all denominations. Clean out your wallet regularly and throw away unwanted till receipts or transfer into a safe place if you need to return or refund items  

gold money pig with lots of bundles on cash next to it showing to be savings of cash
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