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Photo of Psychic Medium Joycelle in pink suit looking stunning

Greetings, I am sure you are just like me and love all things metaphysical (psychic) and that's what brings you here.

Do you need guidance, clairvoyant insight or just wish a prediction on your future? Is there a departed loved-one you wish to communicate with? Then please feel free to reach out.

Simply text me or call on 064 (0) 274 484 067 or email me on

Join my Psychic Medium Joycelle Facebook page for a free weekly readings and a daily tarot card pick!

 We are all divine beings having an earthly experience so smile, laugh and be happy it makes people wonder what you have been up too!


How it all started 

Worship the body, 
Soothe the Mind,
and Awaken the Soul


From the age of eight, Joycelle's enchantment with the mystical world blossomed during visits to the Feilding Municipal Library. Immersed in books on astrology, tarot, and the occult, she was particularly drawn to the mysterious imagery, like the gypsy scarf-clad lady, a rare sight in her New Zealand hometown.

Engaging in deep discussions with fellow seekers, Joycelle's thirst for knowledge was unquenchable. In the 1990s, receiving tarot cards reignited her passion, leading to a deep affinity for their symbolism and making her sought after for readings.

Now based in Tauranga, New Zealand, Joycelle serves an international clientele and offers a popular tarot course. Her love for travel enriches her connections with people worldwide, especially in providing guidance and closure. In 2010, Joycelle published her second book on mediumship.

A poignant moment came in 2015 when she stumbled upon her first influential book at a Red Cross sale, symbolizing her journey's enduring love and the profound impact of her early encounters with the mystical world.

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