Joycelle offers a professional healing/therapeutic massage service.

Pregnancy Perception

Awakening the fount to motherhood

Gracious collection of Beauté and Busté treatments with feminine massage
to prepare the body, mind and soul for your birthright. Includes 25mls
Aura-Soma bottle 11 (valued at $39.95) from
living jewels range. 


$ 80.00

Regular Pregnancy Massage


$ 80.00


Pregnancy Perfect

Simply to bloom and rejoice at this time!

When the body needs to be caressed and gently pampered accounting for the physical and emotional changes at this time. Releasing tension to the upper and lower back and reducing swollen ankles whilst connecting mother with child with the Star Child Equilibrium bottle from Aura-Soma living jewels range, bottle 20 (valued at $39.95) to enlighten this awesome experience. Recommend monthly indulgences up to labour then till child leaves HOME!




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