Joycelle offers a professional healing/therapeutic massage service.


Sublime Admission

For the true relaxation connoisseur, this is all you will need in a massage.
With time on our hands I can treat you to the ultimate full body relaxation
massage. You choose from the range of beautiful essential oils and colour
therapy designed to relax, soothe and heal your body. Absolute bliss! From
tip to toe!

A sublime relaxation session to rejuvenate your body and spirit


90 mins




Express You

Zip in for an express treatment to ease up those tight shoulder and neck
muscles. It takes only 15 minutes and you will feel great! I promise no oily
residue or messy hair, just a new you!






The Body Booster

Give your body a boost for aching shoulders, a sore back or just to soothe away that workday tension. I focus on your back, shoulders, arms, neck and scalp. When time is at a premium don’t neglect your body.


45 mins




The Stress Buster

For when you need the ultimate de-stress. We can work specifically through your choice of muscle groups from head to toe, massaging out those niggling aches and pains. You’ll feel revived, refreshed and alive again!


45 mins




Recovery - Sports Massage

Massage is great for optimal recovery between events and to get the best out of your training. Whether it’s to flush out metabolic waste or ease up your tight muscles massage will prepare you to train harder than ever! Attention to areas of tensions such as calves thighs and prevents cramp. Reviving restoring and bringing life force back into muscles. Treatment includes 25mls Aura-Soma bottle number 26 from living Jewels range.


45 mins




(Gift vouchers available for all products and services.)



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