Style & File Manicure

For people on the go!

Luxurious mousse cleanses leaving hands silky and soft. Re-shaping and
polishing of the nails.

15-30 mins

$ 30.00

Hands-Down Manicure

A classic treatment!

Deep yet relaxing sea-salt exfoliation - an excellent option for both men and
women. Includes shaping, thirst quenching moisture masque. High gloss buff
shine or choice of nail colour. Sealed with hand crème massage.

30 mins

$ 45.00

Grand-Hand Manicure

A facial for your hands!

The ultimate hand and nail pampering. First we file and
buff the nails, followed with a full exfoliation and masque
of the hands and forearms using pure plant and flower
based essences. Soothing massage from finger tips to elbows allows for increased circulation and skin spoiling.
Concluding with either a high gloss natural buff or nail
enamel application to dazzle then sealed with vitamin
A sun- protector moisturizing hand crème to prevent age spots!

50 mins



(Gift vouchers available for all products and services.)



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