Busté Care 

Busté and Décolleté Abundance  

Firm and boost the natural bra from within!

Gentle exfoliation followed by a deep-acting treatment tonic that firms
and enhances bust suppleness and resistance. Intense moisturizing to
prevent precipitating of the décolleté leaving a plump appearance.
Therapeutic massage of breast and neck area encourages a better busté

25 mins

$ 30.00

Busté and Décolleté All

Stimulate circulation and improving elasticity with a rotating shower at 100 revolutions per minute to massage the breast reduces heaviness in larger
busts and promotes expansion with smaller cup sizes. Complimentary, firming
tonic and bust gel massage with neck and shoulder pampering.

30 mins

$ 35.00

Model Busté Appliance

A hydrotherapeutic appliance, with rotating shower and water hose.


$210 (RRP $250)


(Gift vouchers available for all products and services.)



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