Vicky Wall

Vicky Wall the founder of Aura-Soma® said 'You are the
Colours you Choose'. Born the 7th child of a 7th child her
father was a Master Kabalistic teacher, she had the gift of
2nd sight - meaning she could see auras and was also

Vicky’s father could not teach her the Kabalistic lessons, these where traditionally taught only to male members of the family. Instead he walked with her in the fields around their London home, asking her what plant would be good for this
or that ailment. As she grew up, Vicky learnt to recognise the art or science
called 'the signatures of plants' - this is where the colour, leaf or plant shape,
give an indication of what the plant may be useful for,
in maintaining or gaining well-being.

When Vicky left home, she trained as an apothecary (a type of Pharmacist),
during the Second World War in London. Here she learnt to make up creams
and lotions using herbs and plant extracts. She then went on to become a
Surgical Chiropodist.

As she grew older Vicky got diabetes, this eventually led to her loss of sight in
both eyes, and she did however retain her 2nd sight of auras. It was shortly after loosing her sight that in a dream she was told to 'Divide the waters my child',
she found herself been guided to her little workshop where she still made up
her creams and lotions, here in the night 'unseen hands guided her' to make
up some colourful mixtures of plant extracts, oils and waters.

In the morning there where a number of little dual coloured bottles on the shelf.
all twinkling in the morning sunlight. She didn't know what they where for, but
knew they would make lovely skin oils. So Balance or Equilibrium as it is now
known, was born. That was in 1983.

Now 20 years later we are only just really starting to understand what these
'Jewel's' as Vicky called them are for. The dual coloured bottles are slowly
revealing their use to humanity and the planet.

When we look at the colours, we access an ancient part of ourselves. One
that knows the restorative and supportive aspects of colour, and the plant and
crystal extracts that go into making up the Aura-Soma “LIVING JEWELS

Now we are also discovering, how they support us to become more conscious
- more in touch or conscious about our mental, physical, emotional and
spiritual knowing.



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