The Aura-Soma Quintessence’s bring a more subtle energy into the
Aura-Soma system. Their function is to invoke the most positive energies
of the colour ray to which they are related into the energy field around the

The Quintessence’s are named after ascended Masters. In using the
Quintessence we are asking that energy be brought to us through a particular route.  Using the Quintessence doesn’t mean we have “a Master in our pocket” but it does indicate a willingness within us to open
up to that particular Master or Energy Ray. 

The Quintessence’s in detail

There are 15 different Quintessence’s available, following is an example of their

El Morya
Pale Blue, 'I will that Thy Will be done through me', it helps us come to the point
within us which allows the Divine Will to be done through us. 

Pale Gold, 'Come to me' an invocation to the positive energies of the future. 
Relates to the Maitreya Buddha who looks after the future.  Helps Humans find
their role between the Angelic and Devic kingdoms.

Lady Nada
Pale Pink, Unconditional Love, Let-go of negativity at a deep level, this allows
us to experience a kinder response from the Universe, since our thoughts about ourselves create our reality.  Nada means sacred sound, Lady Nada helps us
to be heard.

Pale Green, The Way, the Truth and the Light.
The Way – as we know ourselves better, our direction becomes clearer.  The
Truth, the expression of ourselves.  The Light, as our consciousness rises we become more light-filled.  Hilarion makes space for the new, helps release old identifications that are no longer useful, allowing new opportunities.

Clear, Karmic Absolution, not in the sense of abortion of karma, but in seeing
karma in a new light of opportunity for healing rather than a burden.  Brings

The Christ
The Red of the Christ brings in sacrificial love, with a new degree of caring, and
a new degree of loving.  Good for re-energising and deep protection.

St Germain
Pale Violet, St Germain is a catalyst and transforms negative energises into
positive ones.  Allows us to step aside so that positive energies can come
through us.

Pallas Athena
Pink, The love of and awakening to beauty.  Communication of higher truth. 
Creative expression of love and beauty.

Orion and Angelica
Rose Pink, Two great angels that open and close each day.  A energy for
journeys, useful for travelers, and at the beginning and ending of projects.

Lady Portia
Gold, 'Judge not least ye be judged'. For those that are hard on themselves.
Being merciful with ourselves is true compassion.  Brings justice and balance.

Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin
Pale Orange, Helps to understand what lies behind dis-ease.  Releases tension
in body-mind, dissolving patterns of tension at a deep level. When the problem
is undone then the gift may be found.

Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara
Pale Coral, Bringing the divine into everyday, seeing to the depth of things.
They work on the principals of ‘As Above, So Below’

Maha Chohan
Pale Turquoise, Brings awareness to what we need to say, from the feeling
side. Helpful when releasing feelings that need to be expressed.  

Djwal Khul
Emerald Green, Seeker of the Truth.  Brings balance to the subtle bodies.
Grounds people that are opening up to their intuitive side. 

Holy Grail and Solar Logos
Pale Olive Green, Designed to stimulate receptivity and openness to allow communication to flow.

How to use

Place 3 drops of your chosen Quintessence onto your left wrist. Gently rub your
wrists together and pass them through your aura, front, back and sides, from
above your crown to your feet.  Inhale deeply three times. Repeat as required.
The energy stays in your energy field for 2-3 hours.

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