Palmistry Readings

Like a map is used to follow routes and arrive at desired destinations it’s the
palm print that shows us our divine attributes along our personal journey!

Palmistry is mentioned in the Bible in the book of Job, it is written, “It is He
who places a sign on the hand of each man indicating the choices he must

The ancient art of chirosophy is a great way to get to know ourselves better
and also indicates signs to look for in others. Many sayings and body gestures
are related to our hands, that we are guided by their direction subconsciously.

The mere markings on our fingers and hands can give us the greatest clues to
our strengths and attributes to share in this life as well as indicators of our
present and future state of health.

One hour consultation with tape recording

In person only

with complimentary jewelry cleaning

Max 60 minutes


* prices are in $NZD and include GST and are current till 30.10.10  



(Gift vouchers available for all products and services.)


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