The passing of a loved one can be very hard to comprehend and we all
deal with grief in our own profound way.

Together we can pierce the veil between this solid world and the next to
make contact with our loved ones.

Mediumship is my most joyous skill in this vocation as the pleasure
received by you when contacting a loved one is heartfelt to both spirit
and yourself.

I challenge all those that give and receive messages from spirit to be

The purpose of mediumship is simply to;

   - Make contact with a person that has passed over for that spirit to give
     confirmation of identity
   - To give a name, time and /or reason for the passing
   - Spirits do not instruct you what to do
   - Mediumship is to Prove there is life after death.

One hour consultation with tape recording   

  - In person
  - Over telephone

1 hour


* prices are in $NZD and include GST and are current till 30.10.10  


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