How to shake bottle and apply

When selecting a bottle from the range of Equilibrium bottles at the
practitioner’s office use only your LEFT hand and only handle the bottles by
grasping the gold cap of the bottle.
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2. Once you have chosen to take a bottle home, continue to use the left hand on the gold cap when picking up the bottle. Keep the Aura-Soma
® logo
(on one side of the bottle) facing to your right at all times. This keeps the bottle from getting turned
round and round which can confuse the energies.

3. Before shaking the bottle, hold the glass part of
the bottle (making sure the Aura-Soma logo on the side of the bottle is still to your right) in your left hand and unscrew cap with the right hand.

4. Then place the left thumb on the bottom of the bottle, the left forefinger on the
right shoulder of the bottle (the side with the logo), the left middle finger over
the opening of the bottle and the left ring finger on the left shoulder of the bottle.
The left little finger floats in the air or lightly touches the bottle. Each finger is
one of the 5 elements, so an elemental energy exchange happens in this

5. Shake the bottle with the left hand with the intention of mixing the two colour fractions and send your energy into the bottle.

6. Then take the glass bottle in the left hand and pour a small amount in the
palm of the right hand.

7. Apply to the appropriate area of the body as recommended by your
practitioner or wherever you feel drawn to apply it.

8. If more is needed, shake and apply once again as suggested above.

9. After completing the application to the skin, screw the cap back on and
return it to the home you have created for it with

Where to Apply

You can apply in any or all of the following ways:

use the Chakra chart to determine what colour is applied to what part of the
as discussed with Joycelle
Wherever you are drawn to apply it. As Vicky Wall always said, "your inner
   guide always knows best".

Things to Remember

At first, when you shake the bottle, the two colours will not blend together
completely. It will become easier once you have used some of the contents
of the bottle and there is space for the top and bottom fractions to emulsify.

It is also important not to confuse the energies in the bottle by haphazardly
shaking the bottle. The intention when shaking the bottle is to fuse the upper
and lower colour fractions of the bottle to create a third synergistic colour by
creating a temporary emulsion. It is recommended to use the following
guidelines when handling your equilibrium bottle.

The 25ml bottle comes out easily into the palm because there is no orifice
reducer. However, with the 50ml bottle, you must firmly tap the bottle into the
hand at first to get the contents out of the bottle. Once there is a bit of space
in the bottle, the contents readily mix together & pour out more easily

DO NOT let anyone else TOUCH your BOTTLES

The Equilibrium bottles are made of glass and glass is a rapid conductor of
energy. Once you have selected your bottle, DO NOT LET ANYONE ELSE

Each bottle has been created to serve anyone who comes into contact with it.
When you shake a bottle before applying it to the body, you are putting your
energies into the three kingdoms in the bottle (colour, plant and crystal). They immediately begin to absorb your energies so that they can serve you in the
highest possible way. Contact me urgently so that I can tell you how to cleanse
your bottle if you don’t have the “white or Serapis Bey pomander”
If you have either of these products place a few drops on cotton pad and
cleanse over the outside or your bottle


This includes direct sunlight and extreme heat or cold. They can break if
subjected to too high a heat or freezing and sub-freezing temperatures.
Do not leave in car. The energies in the bottles are living energies and will
feel comfortable in any temperature that you would be comfortable in.

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