How does Aura-Soma® work?

When you look at the colours, your subconscious mind knows what colours
will be supportive to you at this time.

To satisfy your mental level, I can give you an understanding of your selection
with a simple

This can assist you in areas of your life where you need to relax more, give
yourself more space, or perhaps balance your life, with more focus on your
spiritual side.

You then apply your colours to the skin in relation to the energy centres or
Chakras of the body. The Equilbrium bottles work through the skin into
the lymph nodes then through the bloodstream to our vital organs whereas
the Quintessences and pomanders work in our auric field surrounding our
physical bodies. See How to apply

Part of the philosophy of Aura-Soma is to re-empower you as you know
your greatest need at a very deep level. This is why you select your own
bottle selection.

Aura-Soma is a non-intrusive, self-selective soul system. Vicky used to
say "You are the colours you choose and these reflect your Beings needs".




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