Surely, you would agree it’s a funny thing this
life of ours?

Seems like I have spent most of mine running from what I do best and gives me the most pleasure, out of fear that it wasn’t acceptable by society or that I wouldn’t be able to make a go of it all.
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From the age of seven I had a deep interest in occult sciences. Shifting to Omokoroa in 1999 gave me the personal permission to
get out there and really help people, hence I started to read cards professionally
and loved every reading I ever did, mind you the view from the lounge was breathtaking and this was most welcome by all that visited me.

From reading cards I then tackled teaching a few interested clients the art of cartomancy.

I have now developed a more in-depth
course content that allows you to
connect with that great inner knowledge and express the tremendous power
of intuition that is available to everyone.

Spirit, circumstance or mere consequences lead me to receive a treasured
book about aura-soma® in 1996 however it wasn’t till 2002 that I really
grabbed the opportunity and brought aura-soma into my life thanks to the overwhelming support and generosity of Joan Creasy.

With darling master first born about to leave the nest I am spending more
time working with clients, finding their delightful colour resonations, doing
readings, teaching psychic skills and a great long lost passion of beauty
and cosmetic indulgences!!!

I now accept my vocation 100% no longer fearful to stand up say what I

Honestly the service industry, where I get to help another at a soul level must
be the most rewarding place in this universe!!

Thank you for browsing about this website, please feel free to ask any
questions that you may have or simply drop by from time to time to check
my updates, courses available and events that I will be going to !!!

Kind regards, I wish you well



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